Pester your local comic shop!

Death Head Issue #1 is only two months away! Time to get pumped!

To guarantee you’ll have a copy the day the issue comes out, you need to make sure your local comic shop is even carrying it! Thanks to the amazing designers at Dark Horse Comics, we now have an order form that you can simply print out and hand in to […]

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Achievement Unlocked: Telltale Games Writer

Seems like every few months I’m doing something new. The only thing I’m not doing is sleeping which is probably why I’m sick today. Oh well, it’s good to be busy!

And busy I am now that I’ve started writing for Telltale Games. All I can say is that I’m working on Tales from the Borderlands with an absolutely incredible array of designers, […]

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Dark Horse Letter Column

If you pick up any of Dark Horse’s comics, you’ll find a letter column at the back of each issue…which we’re gonna do for Death Head too! Readers can now email in and have their questions, comments and undying love responded to by our very own editor, Jim Gibbons, and the rest of the team. This is a great forum for fans to chat with the people who make their […]

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We’ve got a release date!

JULY 15, 2015

Mark your calendars! Add Death Head to your pull list! Invent a time-travel machine so you can jump into the future! I’m so excited to announce that July 15 is when my horror series will be in comic book stores nationwide! Next time you visit your favorite comic shop, ask the owner if they’re going to carry Death Head. If […]

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First Five Pages of “Death Head”

Enjoy the first five pages of Death Head, courtesy of Dark Horse Comics.




Issue #1 comes out in July. Until then, learn more about the comic at deathheadcomic.com.

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Writing for Comics

Unlike books and movies which don’t have a defined length, Dark Horse comics are exactly 22-pages. Not only that, but each page should end on a mini-cliff hanger that entices the reader onward. So that it’s not too cramped, each page should only have 1-5 panels. There shouldn’t be more than three bubbles per panel, and not too many words per bubble. Phew! That’s a […]

“Death Head” Book Trailer

After working in the film industry for years, how could I not make a trailer for my comic? Especially since several of the locations in Death Head—the cemetery sewer, an abandoned town in the woods—are actual haunted places near where I grew up. My brother Nick, the co-creator of the series, and I wanted to make a book trailer that set the […]

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Crave Online Interview for “Death Head”

Crave Online recently posted an exclusive interview with my brother Nick and I to announce our new comic, Death Head, published by Dark Horse Comics. They also show off the first five pages of the series! Click here to check out the article and take your first step into the world of Death Head.

Click here to read the rest!

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Death Head. Published by Dark Horse Comics

Having a secret sucks…even if it’s a good one. Especially if it’s a good one, and this most certainly is. Well, today I can finally spill the beans:

The always amazing Dark Horse Comics is publishing Death Head, a horror series created by my brother Nick and I. Yes, starting this July, you can find our 6-issue series in every comic book store that carries Dark […]

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Big Announcement March 27th

These kinds of posts are the best…and the worst. The worst because I can’t say anything until March 27th. The best because now you know something SUPER SWEET is coming your way soon. For the past year, my brother Nick and I have been secretly working on a new project with an amazing company. All I can say is […]