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See you at SDCC!

Last year, I went to SDCC to pitch my comic Death Head to Dark Horse Comics president Mike Richardson. This year, I’m going back to do a signing for Issue #1!  How crazy is that!?

It’s been incredible working with my brother Nick (co-writer), our artists (Joanna Estep, Kelly Fitzpatrick, EM Gist) and the entire Dark Horse team to bring this comic to life. […]


Tales from the Borderlands, bro.

I’ve put in enough written words, weekend work and company parties to earn a bit of talk about Tales from the Borderlands at Telltales Games. No spoilers, no secrets, none of that. Just praise and adoration for the incredible team that put together the latest chapter called “Catch A Ride.” This episode, written by Eric Stirpe, Pierre Shorette, and Anthony Burch and […]

I have a mailing list?

I do, indeed! And there’s lots of exciting stuff coming soon. My comic “Death Head” and the next part of Meet Me At The Falls will be released this summer, convention season is upon us (with photos!), I’m getting married(!), and I’ll be talking about what I’ve been up to at Telltale Games. Plus, non-work related goodness such as what it’s like trying to find parking […]

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Plague Doctor. It’s What’s For Dinner.

Books are judged by their covers. Comics are no different. How is a potential reader going to pick your issue out of the hundreds on the rack? They won’t unless it visually stands out from the rest. Strong colors, graphic designs, and a unique style are a good start.

Or just hire EM Gist.

This man is an illustrator extraordinaire in the vein […]



Okay, here’s the deal, friends and neighbors:

Final Order Cutoff (FOC) for my comic Death Head Issue #1 is on JUNE 22. That is the last day that comic book stores can order Issue #1 for it to arrive by the July 15th release date. This is a BIG DEAL in comics because after FOC, publishers know how “in demand” your comic is which can […]

Chick Figures in “Mighty Neckbeard”

Yeah, it finally happened. What started as a joke has become an actual web-series. So here’s what went down:

When creating the last few episodes of Dick Figures Season 5, Ed Skudder and I began discussing a potential gender bending episode. We decided to literally take the entire cast of Dick Figures and invert their genders, except Lord Tourettes who stayed the same. (Lady […]

Interview with the Capeless Crusader

Ramping up to Death Head coming out JULY 15, I’ve been doing a bunch of interviews with comic websites and podcasts. The latest, and greatest, was with the website Capeless Crusader. Unlike other interviews, this one really deals with our inspiration behind specific scenes and horror elements in the series. You can check it out right here right now!

In other fun […]

The Marvelous Reading Room!

The ever-amazing Sonny & Amanda from the Marvelous Reading Room interviewed my brother and I about our upcoming Dark Horse Comics series DEATH HEAD. These two super literate and super awesome readers asked us a bunch of questions which we hopefully answered in a not terribly boring fashion. We delve into the story’s origin, the history of plague doctors, and what readers can […]


Pester your local comic shop!

Death Head Issue #1 is only two months away! Time to get pumped!

To guarantee you’ll have a copy the day the issue comes out, you need to make sure your local comic shop is even carrying it! Thanks to the amazing designers at Dark Horse Comics, we now have an order form that you can simply print out and hand in to […]

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Achievement Unlocked: Telltale Games Writer

Seems like every few months I’m doing something new. The only thing I’m not doing is sleeping which is probably why I’m sick today. Oh well, it’s good to be busy!

And busy I am now that I’ve started writing for Telltale Games. All I can say is that I’m working on Tales from the Borderlands with an absolutely incredible array of designers, […]