Scripts Suck

No, seriously. They suck. And I hate them. They’re boring. Technical. And do not represent the final experience audiences have while watching a movie. AT. ALL. Sure, I went to film school. I write screenplays for a living. I understand that sluglines show locations, character names are for who’s doin’ th’ talkin’, and that the inciting incident happens on Page 10 or […]

A Mischievous Audio-adventure

Big thanks to my long time friend and creative collaborator Nicolas D. Frantela for doing a GREAT audiobook version of my story “What Mischief At The Governor’s Ball?”. Complete with gin-soaked Louisiana accent. And likely a po boy on his plate. Nic assures me he was drinking during recording—a true professional. I would expect nothing less. Why not have a drink […]

Fat stacks of scripts

Just got the first printed scripts for “Turner of the Century” — 113 pages of jokes, ghosts and explosions. My brother, Nick, and I will be doing a table reading with Ghostbot soon to discuss revisions. And where we can add more fart jokes. We’re both incredibly proud of how the screenplay turned out and can’t wait to tell you […]

“Turner of the Century” Turned In

Today, my brother and I finished writing the screenplay for my next animated feature, Turner of the Century. It’s an insanely fast and fun movie with more jokes than you can even imagine. Seriously. There aren’t five seconds that go by without something funny happening. For those of you who’ve watched Dick Figures or Duke of Fancy, the humor is very similar. Lots of quick dialogue, […]

I came. I saw. I Con-quered.

Well, I think Comic-con actually conquered me as I’m still trying to stop my brain from spinning inside my skull. Previously, I had only been to Vidcon, CTN, and Wondercon… so SDCC was a whole new beast. A swarming, hot, sweaty, beast. Doesn’t sound very pleasant, but somehow in all the chaos it really was.
It’s the only event where superstars from movies, TV, […]

Turner of the Century…A Movie You Will See Someday

Very happy to announce that today, yes as of 9AM this morning, my brother Nick and I started writing an animated feature for Ghostbot! It’s called TURNER OF THE CENTURY. Expect the movie to be Dick Figures humor wrapped in fantasy with a side-order of adventure. Ghostbot is an AMAZING animation studio in San Francisco so we’re both thrilled to be working […]

What Mischief at the Governor’s Ball?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: When I was in New Orleans, my friend gave me this writing prompt: “What mischief at the governor’s ball?” On a hot Louisiana morning beneath the willows in Louis Armstrong Park, I wrote this short, short story. Enjoy with a sazerac in hand.
Wouldn’t you like to know? Yes, you most certainly would. Well, I’ll tell you, even though […]

Progress Meters!

I’ve been toying with this idea for a good long while and decided to finally implement it: progress meters for works in progress. Since I have writing ADD, I often jump between projects when I’m stuck on one. I usually have two to three going currently from short stories to full novels and screenplays.
Right now my three projects are:
Meet […]

A Hole In The Plans

This chapter ends Part 2 of “The Owl’s Hare” in a way I wasn’t expecting. Already, Owl and Alyla have escaped a fortified castle, survived plunging over the Everfalls (and rapids), escaped a haunted forest and out-magicked a pub full of wizards…and it’s only been 100 pages! This story has been incredibly fun to write and with over 3/4 left to […]

Chick Figures

You asked for it. You got it.

This has been one of the most requested episodes ever—a gender bender. It took us a while to figure the episode out, and it’s still pretty dang confusing to be honest. For the girls, Red is “Scarlet” and Blue is “Lavender”. And for the boys, Pink is “Salmon” and Stacy is “Burgundy.” Wait…or did I […]