Signing “Death Head” at SDCC, come visit!

Anyone headed down to Comicon this year? If so, my brother Nick and I will be signing our newly released trade paperback for Death Head. There will be single Issues #1-6 along with the graphic novel compendium which features all issues, covers, behind the scenes articles and making of artwork. It's a beautiful book which will be made even beautiful-er with our [...]

Trailer for Batman: A Telltale Series You know, it's strange. I was the Lead Writer on Episode 1 "Realm of Shadows" for Batman: A Telltale Series. I was responsible for a large portion of the script. I've been practically living in Gotham City for the past six months. But somehow, still, I was STUNNED when I saw this trailer. Tears-in-my-eyes level stunned. Telltale has elevated their interactive storytelling game [...]

Death Head. On store shelves everywhere.

Holy boats! Time has been rocketing by so fast that I didn't even realize the Death Head trade paperback is already out! Amazon, Kindle, Comixology, your friendly neighborhood comic book shop. It's everywhere! Dark Horse did an amazing job with the graphic novel version which collects all six issues, covers, making of artwork, and write ups from my brother Nick and I about the [...]

Telltale’s Batman. Justice is coming.

I've been so busy working on Batman that I haven't had time to talk about Batman. Now all I'm saying is Batman. Batman. The entire Telltale Games team has been hard at work getting the first 20 minutes polished up to show as a playable demo at E3. As Batman, it's thrilling and brutal. As Bruce Wayne, it's charming and sophisticated. [...]

Go sharpen your machete. It's a huge relief to finally see The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2 "Give No Shelter" finished because I've been working on it since August. As far as most game development goes, that's nothing. That's how long it takes to just write the script. Not at Telltale. Here, we make our episodes from script to screen in about six months so [...]

Give No Shelter

We have a title! The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2 is called "Give No Shelter" and will be released March 29th. Yes, it is basically the title of the Rolling Stones song. If you want to know how awesome the episode is going to be, just watch this video:

The Final Diagnosis I can’t believe all six issues of DEATH HEAD are in stores now. I also can’t believe we got the entire creative team together to talk about the series! Joanna Estep (pencils/inks), Kelly Fitzpatrick (colors), EM Gist (cover), Nick and I (writing), plus Amanda Egle (interviewer)! The podcast covers an issue from concept to being on store shelves and [...]

The Doctor Is In

After six months of murder and mayhem at the hands of a Plague Doctor, the end is near for the Burton family, and our readers. Today, Death Head Issue #6 "The Doctor Is In" hits store shelves everywhere (buy online here or Comixology too). There have been tons of questions over the past 5 issues, but don't worry—we're putting nails in many [...]

“The Walking Dead: Michonne” Trailer!

The Walking Dead: Michonne, our newest game series at Telltale, comes out tomorrow. The release trailer came out today. Watch it and let me know what you think!

First five minutes of “The Walking Dead: Michonne”! Nothing to say. Just watch this and LOVE IT. Then BUY IT February 23rd.