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“Michonne” release date announced!

I've been so busy writing The Walking Dead: Michonne that I haven't had a chance to post about it! Looks like IGN beat me to the punch. February 23rd, the first episode of the miniseries will be released so get ready to run back into a world where the dead don't die. It's been incredibly rewarding to work on a franchise with [...]

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Cathedral of the Crow

Okay, Death Heads, sorry for the delay, but we're back! Issue #5 - Cathedral of the Crow is on the shelf RIGHT NOW. Issue 4 dropped a megaton bomb... there are multiple plague doctors. But how many? And which one(s) are after the Burtons? And what are the rest doing? AND WHY?!?!?! I like questions in storytelling, almost as much as [...]

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Nominated for Game of the Year!

  Tales from the Borderland has been nominated for Game of the Year by IGN and Destructoid, two of gaming's biggest websites. The entire team over here at Telltale Games is thrilled by the nomination and count ourselves lucky to have worked on such an amazing game. Week two at Telltale I started writing EchoEye on Episode 3 (Catch a Ride) and continued writing [...]


“Batman” – A Telltale Games Announcement Trailer

Batman. The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. Doesn't matter which name you use, you better believe I'm excited about our Batman game here at Telltale. Point some echolocation at the teaser trailer below and get onboard the hype-mobile. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrG_GfF_wWk

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“Suexliegh” on the cheap

Suexliegh would be very disappointed, very disappointed indeed, to hear that a book about him, the world's richest man, is being discounted for the holidays. "The Success of Suexliegh" is a story about money, money, and Christmas, in that order, so it's the perfect book to cuddle up with in front of a roaring fire. Critics might be calling it "the best book [...]

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The Walking Dead: Michonne!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBQJyoaJ7AI First Batman. Now more Walking Dead? The hype train has become a hyper hype train. This mini-series is going to be super cool because it focuses on one of the comic's most enigmatic characters -- Michonne. Walking Dead fans will know she has a troubling past which haunts her wherever she goes... And we get to deal with that haunting. I was lucky enough to [...]


“I’m Batman!” says Telltale Games.

You didn't even know you were excited about this, but yes, for the past many moons, we've kept it a secret that Telltale is making a Batman game. A secret as noteworthy as Bruce Wayne and his crime-fighting alter-ego Batman. Did I just spoil seventy years of comics for you? My dear god I hope not. It's one of the most well-known stories [...]

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“The Lock” – just in time for Halloween

Ever since I started religiously reading Stephen King books a few years ago, I've been writing a new horror short every Halloween. With only three days left, I barely got this one done in time! It's called The Lock. Some events in this story are true, some are fabricated, but the whole thing really struck home for me. Probably because it's loosely [...]

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The Big Reveal

Death Head Issue 4 just hit store shelves. Pick up your copy and let me know what you think of the BIG REVEAL. This could change everything...

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 5. Finally, the finale.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08Y2dxkMYIw Today is a big, planetary sized day. Tales from the Borderlands Episode 5 "The Vault of the Traveler" is now available for download. Yes, this is the finale of all finales. Episode 5 marks the end of a two year long adventure to create what people are now calling "Telltale Games's best series" and the entire studio couldn't be more [...]