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What’s haunting you?

There were many an unanswered question in Death Head Issue 1 such as…

How are these storylines related?
What is up with that mask?

Well, I’m happy to say, Issue 2 is out today! Stop by your local comic shop and learn the answers to the other two questions. However, as with any good mystery story, more […]

  • MaskandCoffee

Big Week! Death Head + Tales from the Borderlands!

Phoo, it’s blazing today in the Bay Area. Almost 95 degrees in a town where it’s rarely above room temperature. I’m surprised people haven’t spontaneously combusted yet.

Thankfully, I’m sitting at the Escapist Comics in Berkeley signing Death Head Issue #1! There are only a few copies left as almost all stores have sold out. Good thing is Issue #2 comes out […]

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Mission: Comics & Art! Come say hello!

San Francisco folk! I will be signing Death Head Issue #1 at Mission: Comics & Art this Wednesday from 5-7pm! I’ll sign your Issue #1, I’ll sign your face, I’ll answer questions about working in the comic industry…whatever you want! Mission: Comics is one of my favorite comic book stores in the city so it’s an honor to be signing there. […]

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We’re selling out! (In a good way)

SF. Berkeley. Oakland. LA. Van Nuys. Chicago. Madison. Brooklyn. Even Canada, Ireland and the UK!

Within days, Death Head Issue #1 has sold out in tons of stores worldwide! Dark Horse has done an incredible job distributing and marketing my horror comic so I am eternally grateful to them. Since this is a new series created by relative unknowns in the […]

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Death Head. In Stores. Now.

After a year of blog posts, secret announcements and waitinggggg, DEATH HEAD Issue #1 “Unmasked” is now on store shelves. FINALLY. If you have a comicbook store in your town, it’ll be there…and you should be too picking up your copy! My brother, the Death Head team and I poured our hearts and brains into making this comic the absolute best it can be […]

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Dr. Comics & Mr. Games!

Bay Area comic book fans unite! Come join my brother Nick and I as we sign Issue #1 of our horror comic DEATH HEAD, published by Dark Horse Comics. The signing will be hosted at my favorite comic book shop in the world: Dr. Comics & Mr. Games. I’ve been burning my allowance in that store since I was a wee […]

Signing @ the Dark Horse Booth

WHAT: Death Head Issue #1 signing (+ Bonus Prizes!) with Nick Keller & Zack Keller

WHERE: The Dark Horse Comics booth

WHEN: July 11th, 12-1pm.

WHY: Because you love comics. And me.

HOW: Get your ass to SDCC2015!

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See you at SDCC!

Last year, I went to SDCC to pitch my comic Death Head to Dark Horse Comics president Mike Richardson. This year, I’m going back to do a signing for Issue #1!  How crazy is that!?

It’s been incredible working with my brother Nick (co-writer), our artists (Joanna Estep, Kelly Fitzpatrick, EM Gist) and the entire Dark Horse team to bring this comic to life. […]


Tales from the Borderlands, bro.

I’ve put in enough written words, weekend work and company parties to earn a bit of talk about Tales from the Borderlands at Telltales Games. No spoilers, no secrets, none of that. Just praise and adoration for the incredible team that put together the latest chapter called “Catch A Ride.” This episode, written by Eric Stirpe, Pierre Shorette, and Anthony Burch and […]

I have a mailing list?

I do, indeed! And there’s lots of exciting stuff coming soon. My comic “Death Head” and the next part of Meet Me At The Falls will be released this summer, convention season is upon us (with photos!), I’m getting married(!), and I’ll be talking about what I’ve been up to at Telltale Games. Plus, non-work related goodness such as what it’s like trying to find parking […]