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Welcome to Reyes

Today, Death Head Issue #3 is on store shelves. I can’t believe the Burton family’s story is already halfway done! It feels like we’re just getting started. Hopefully, we are.

Currently, Nick and I are writing 6 issues for Dark Horse, but we’re hoping to do a second book that expands upon the mystery. There’s so much more to say about […]

The Diagnosis Episode 2


With the recent release of Death Head Issue 2, my brother Nick and I sat down with reviewer extraordinaire Amanda Egle to discuss it page by page. There were a lot of questions, and strange occurrences, from Issues 1 and 2 so we took our time covering them all. If we missed any, please let me know in a comment […]

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What’s haunting you?

There were many an unanswered question in Death Head Issue 1 such as…

How are these storylines related?
What is up with that mask?

Well, I’m happy to say, Issue 2 is out today! Stop by your local comic shop and learn the answers to the other two questions. However, as with any good mystery story, more […]

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Big Week! Death Head + Tales from the Borderlands!

Phoo, it’s blazing today in the Bay Area. Almost 95 degrees in a town where it’s rarely above room temperature. I’m surprised people haven’t spontaneously combusted yet.

Thankfully, I’m sitting at the Escapist Comics in Berkeley signing Death Head Issue #1! There are only a few copies left as almost all stores have sold out. Good thing is Issue #2 comes out […]

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Mission: Comics & Art! Come say hello!

San Francisco folk! I will be signing Death Head Issue #1 at Mission: Comics & Art this Wednesday from 5-7pm! I’ll sign your Issue #1, I’ll sign your face, I’ll answer questions about working in the comic industry…whatever you want! Mission: Comics is one of my favorite comic book stores in the city so it’s an honor to be signing there. […]

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We’re selling out! (In a good way)

SF. Berkeley. Oakland. LA. Van Nuys. Chicago. Madison. Brooklyn. Even Canada, Ireland and the UK!

Within days, Death Head Issue #1 has sold out in tons of stores worldwide! Dark Horse has done an incredible job distributing and marketing my horror comic so I am eternally grateful to them. Since this is a new series created by relative unknowns in the […]

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Death Head. In Stores. Now.

After a year of blog posts, secret announcements and waitinggggg, DEATH HEAD Issue #1 “Unmasked” is now on store shelves. FINALLY. If you have a comicbook store in your town, it’ll be there…and you should be too picking up your copy! My brother, the Death Head team and I poured our hearts and brains into making this comic the absolute best it can be […]

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Dr. Comics & Mr. Games!

Bay Area comic book fans unite! Come join my brother Nick and I as we sign Issue #1 of our horror comic DEATH HEAD, published by Dark Horse Comics. The signing will be hosted at my favorite comic book shop in the world: Dr. Comics & Mr. Games. I’ve been burning my allowance in that store since I was a wee […]

Signing @ the Dark Horse Booth

WHAT: Death Head Issue #1 signing (+ Bonus Prizes!) with Nick Keller & Zack Keller

WHERE: The Dark Horse Comics booth

WHEN: July 11th, 12-1pm.

WHY: Because you love comics. And me.

HOW: Get your ass to SDCC2015!

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See you at SDCC!

Last year, I went to SDCC to pitch my comic Death Head to Dark Horse Comics president Mike Richardson. This year, I’m going back to do a signing for Issue #1!  How crazy is that!?

It’s been incredible working with my brother Nick (co-writer), our artists (Joanna Estep, Kelly Fitzpatrick, EM Gist) and the entire Dark Horse team to bring this comic to life. […]