“IT” by Stephen King

It by Stephen King

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From the cover, and glimpses I’d seen of the movie, I thought “It” was a 1100 page book about a clown in the sewer. It’s not that…at all. Really, the book is about a group of friends, both as children and adults, who band together to face their fears. Sounds simple enough, […]

Barbicide // A Horror Tale for Halloween

As promised, here’s this year’s horror story that I wrote on a plane during terrible turbulence. I was not in a good mood…perhaps that’s why this story is so graphic. Be fore warned: it is very mature, and not for the faint of stomach. Happy Halloween everyone!- Zack “Killer” Keller
BARBICIDE by Zack Keller
Jimmy DiMarco had stopped by for “justa trim” once a week […]

Nimble VR // The Future Is At Your Fingertips

For the past few months, I’ve been directing at an amazing creative agency called Glass & Marker. It was formed by several of my high school friends who, in three short years, have made incredible ads for Google, Yahoo, Soylent, and a million other Bay Area tech companies. In the past, they’d pinged me to lead an animated commercial, but recently decided to […]

Scary Stories To Read In The Dark

FOR AFTER DARK: Listen to this great poem “Paranoid” written by Stephen King and read by Frank Muller. 
I have been absolutely terrible about updating lately. Sorry, ladies and gents. But here’s why: my brother, Nick, and I just signed a deal to do SOMETHING COOL and have been working with DELETED to finish the first REDACTED. Gah, that is annoying, but someday soon […]

Excerpt: The Son (Meet Me At The Falls 3)

Here’s another excerpt from Part 3 of MEET ME AT THE FALLS concerning Wiley, the youngest member of the Murphy family. Somehow, he managed to reach Snoqualmie Falls before his family…so there he now waits. Starving. Thirsty. And alone. Until he spots the reclusive Snoqualmie Tribe who have reclaimed their lands, and heritage, beside the mighty Falls.

And please, click these […]

Excerpt: The Kids (Meet Me At The Falls 3)

The third part of my ongoing post-apocalyptic sci-fi story MEET ME AT THE FALLS has taken a long time to finish. I know. As do the two other authors Ben and John. But it’s the best, and most important, part of the story thus far so we took great care crafting the Murphy family’s decline. The October release date will be […]

We Won at the International Film Awards Berlin!


Dick Figures has always had a huge following in Germany. It counts for the most views of all non-English speaking countries. To be honest, we have no idea why. But once again the German’s blitzkrieg’d us with a surprise: DICK FIGURES THE MOVIE has won the Best Animated Feature Award at the International Film Awards Berlin.

I. What. How. ???. Awesome. As […]

Scripts Suck

No, seriously. They suck. And I hate them. They’re boring. Technical. And do not represent the final experience audiences have while watching a movie. AT. ALL. Sure, I went to film school. I write screenplays for a living. I understand that sluglines show locations, character names are for who’s doin’ th’ talkin’, and that the inciting incident happens on Page 10 or the […]

A Mischievous Audio-adventure

Big thanks to my long time friend and creative collaborator Nicolas D. Frantela for doing a GREAT audiobook version of my story “What Mischief At The Governor’s Ball?”. Complete with gin-soaked Louisiana accent. And likely a po boy on his plate. Nic assures me he was drinking during recording—a true professional. I would expect nothing less. Why not have a drink yourself, […]

Fat stacks of scripts

Just got the first printed scripts for “Turner of the Century” — 113 pages of jokes, ghosts and explosions. My brother, Nick, and I will be doing a table reading with Ghostbot soon to discuss revisions. And where we can add more fart jokes. We’re both incredibly proud of how the screenplay turned out and can’t wait to tell you more […]